A picture is worth a thousand words — and apparently more than a couple of pounds.

Amid trade rumors, James Harden was a no-show at Rockets practice recently, deciding to show up to team activities late and finally taking the court on Monday night in his 2020-21 debut with Houston. He played 21 minutes and scored 12 points in the W.

So, in conclusion: The Rockets will not be named the “Houston Johnny Rockets” in honor of Harden’s illusionary pear-shaped body. It was a little bit of camera “magic” that made the Rockets star seem a bit more pudgy than he is (or isn’t).

A lot of people had a lot of thoughts on Harden’s appearance, though, likening him to retired hooper Kendrick Perkins (who actually chimed in on the subject), rapper Rick Ross and even Hollywood star Christian Bale.